Stability and Stabilization of Time Delay Systems
Stability and Stabilization of Nonlinear Systems.pdf.pdf 3.47 MB
Robust Control and Filtering for Time-Delay Systems - Magdi S. Mahmoud (Marcel Dekker, 2000).pdf.pdf 25.59 MB
Analysis and Control of Oilwell Drilling Vibrations - A Time-Delay Systems Approach (Springer, 2015).pdf.pdf 8.31 MB
[PDF] [2010] Complex Time-Delay Systems Theory and Applications (Understanding Complex Systems).rar 3.67 MB
Rome_ Stability and Crisis of a City, 900-1150-(Oxford Studies in Medieval European History) Chris Wickham-Medieval -Oxford University Press (2015).pdf.pdf 9.11 MB
[Kazuyuki Aihara]Analysis and Control of Complex Dynamical Systems(pdf){Zzzzz}.pdf 7.78 MB
Modeling and Simulation of Mineral Processing Systems 2nd ed - R.P. King (SME, 2012).pdf.pdf 17.22 MB
Modeling and Simulation of Discrete Event Systems - Byoung Kyu Choi, DongHun Kang (Wiley, 2013).pdf.pdf 33.13 MB
[Keyou You,Nan Xiao]Analysis and Design of Networked Control Systems (pdf){Zzzzz}.pdf 7.15 MB
Airplane.Repo.S01E09.Undercover.and.Out.of.Time.HDTVx264.JIVE_wso.mp4.mp4 482.13 MB
Theory and Design of Digital Communication Systems [2010].pdf 4.05 MB
Modeling and Simulation of Discrete Event Systems.pdf.pdf 33.68 MB
[Jan Van der Meer]Fundamentals and Evolution of MPEG-2 Systems Paving the MPEG Road(pdf){Zzzzz}.pdf 3.15 MB
PID Controllers for Time Delay Systems (Birkhäuser, 2005).pdf.pdf 12.33 MB
Control and Optimization of Multiscale Process Systems.pdf.pdf 10.16 MB
Modeling and Simulation of Mineral Processing Systems - R.P. King (Butterworth-Heinemann, 2001).pdf.pdf 4.86 MB
Belenky, Vadim_ Sevastianov, Nikita B.-Stability and Safety of Ships - Risk of Capsizing-Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME) (2007).pdf.pdf 4.46 MB
Monitoring, Control and Protection of Interconnected Power Systems-Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2014).pdf.pdf 10.83 MB
Design and Control of Self-organizing Systems Facing Complexity with Adaptation and Self-organization 2010.rar 1.77 MB
Characterization, Stability and Convergence of Hierarchical Clustering Methods.pdf.pdf 837.13 KB
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